UDA Recruitment Event Dallas, TX, March 8th to 10th

UDA’s last recruitment event for the 2019 class takes place in Allen, Texas, March 8th to 10th. This event will wrap up the cycle of recruitment events that has seen UDA staff travel to Nashville TN, Phoenix, AZ, and Lakewood Ranch, Florida. To date, the events have attracted over 60 plus prospects with 20 plus expected in Dallas next week. Director of Recruitment, Coach Reilly stated, “The recruitment events across the country have shown what is attractive for the US student, the soccer programs’ quality speaks for itself, it is the quality of the academic program and the student experience that is attracting students and families to the program.” Reilly, added, " Families like the integr

Mike “Mac’ McBride Joins UDA Team

Mike ‘Mac” Mc Bride will join the UDA team as the Director of Program Development and Sports Recruitment starting February 2019. “Mac”, as he is known, comes to the UDA organization with the responsibility of leading, directing and delivering recruitment across the UDA University sports platforms. Mac’s first task will be the development and recruitment of a women’s football program to be launched in 2020. Mac will work directly with the Director of Soccer Recruitment, Coach Seamus Reilly, who will oversee the total project. In addition to Mac’s responsibility for the launch of a women’s soccer program he will also be involved in recruitment to the other UDA sports programs; specifically, sq

The Life of Student DJ Jennings

We interviewed DJ Jennings from South Carolina to get a glimpse into student life at the University of Chester. DJ arrived into the program last September. What Are You Studying? “I am studying Criminology combined with Spanish. Criminology is a challenging course yet I find it the most beneficial. We cover topics such as policing, law and courts, youth justice system and victims. In Spanish we focus on the structure and basics of the language, we limit the use if English in the course and study places like Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid as well as the culture and customs of Spanish life.” DJ In His Room Working On His Next Academic Assignment How Are The Professors? “ I find the professors

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