Recruitment For The 2020 Class Begins In Phoenix, Az., Nov 22nd-24th

UDA recruitment for the class of 2020 into the University of Chester starts next month at ‘Rose Mofford Sports Facility’ in Phoenix, Az. Coach Reilly, stated, “given the tremendous response and enrollment of students over the last two years we feel four national recruitment events rather than five will provide the quality of students we seek on the field and in the classroom. Those events include: Phoenix Az, Lakewood Ranch FL. Dallas TX and Columbus OH. Reilly stated further, “We have built a good base of students from previous national events for the class of 2020 over the last two years, who are now eligible for enrollment into the UDA program. We also get the opportunity to see and meet

Notable Performances From New Students As Games Schedule Gets Into Full Swing.

The last two weeks have been busy for the coaching and support staff with multiple training sessions and multiple games. Three squads were in action on Wednesday, with more games last Sunday and more scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Coaching staff have welcomed the new incoming cohort and pleased with the standard and attitude of the new students over the course of the six games and training sessions to date. Some outstanding performances have been put in from the incoming class. Hugo Barreto-Eames, Christian Munoz, Cristain Arnston, Justin Dvorak,Trevor Lue Chee and Brynn Thompson all gaining notable performance recognition from the coaches after their games. UDA two squads at Mancheste

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