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UDA Soccer FAQ

Can Graduate students apply to the program?

Yes. We typically allow acceptance of three to four graduate students.

How many players are in the UDA program?

We run three squads of 20 players (2 GKS and 18 outfield as a preference) with no more than 60 players within the program. If selected to the program, all players will play, as every player is guaranteed 25 games per year as a minimum. In order to ensure that we meet and provide a positive experience for all students selected for the program, we do not over recruit.

How long is my season?

We play a nine month season from September-May with a three week break for Christmas and a two week break for Spring Break. During Spring Break, we offer a European tour.

How many games do I play?

On average we have played over 35 games per year; each player enrolled into the program is guaranteed a minimum of 25 competitive games per year. games per year for development. We keep track of every player’s minutes played. Some players will play over 40 games a season depending on which squad they are playing with.

What league do I play in?

We have a squad in the U21 North West Development league. This league allows three over age players and offers excellent competition. We also play in the British Universities league as well as a schedule of selected games. These selected games are played against some semi-professional and professional youth academics in the local areas. Players will be matched according to their development levels in order to ensure competitiveness.

Do I have to wait until my second or third year to get playing time?

All players are offered the opportunity to play within the top tier team (the U21 League, regardless of their year. Players are selected based on performance not year group.

How am I recruited?

If interested in being considered for this program your first step is to call, text or email the Director of Recruitment, Coach Reilly at or 614-421-8084. Please see this link for our recruitment events: UDA Recruitment Events. We cap our recruitment weekends at 25 prospective players. This is to make certain we get to know every player and family, and ensure our program is suitable for everyone involved. There are other ways to be recruited, but preference for selection is given to those who attend a recruitment event so staff and families can meet in-person. We will consider a video with a reference, and or taking part in the UDA Summer Tour. For information about how to be selected for the summer tour please contact the recruitment director Coach Reilly at 614 421 8084 or by email at Prospects and families are welcome.

When will I know if I am accepted into the UDA program?

At our recruitment events we take the time to meet with each prospect and family to provide feedback. Within three days of attending a recruitment weekend you will receive notice if UDA is able to offer you a place within the academy program. If you are seeking placement without attending a recruitment weekend it may take longer to gain acceptance as this is at the discretion of the Recruitment Director. Note: Acceptance into the UDA program does not mean acceptance into the University of Chester.

When do students arrive for preseason?

As we play year round, players will report to campus in mid September, the weekend prior to what is called ‘freshers week.’ UDA will hold its own soccer training the first weekend which will include orientation for new students with UDA staff.

What is the retention rate in your program?

The retention rate for the UDA program is over 88% from year one to year three. Note: Most degree programs are three years.

Is there support for academics?

Chester has an excellent academic and student support center. UDA players have access to this through their Student Welfare Officer who will be in contact on a regular basis to deal with any specific issues you may have while living, studying and playing at Chester. Note: UDA has a 90% monitored class attendance policy for students in order to be eligible for training or playing in games.

What is the accommodation like?

All International students are guaranteed placement at a dorm if they so choose. There are many options that UDA can help guide you through in your decision for your first year. There is a whole range of choices for accommodation from on site to off site. Please see this link for further information: Accommodation choices.

What should I bring to my accommodation?

We recommend buying bedding in the UK - bed sizes in the UK are different from the U.S. so your bed sheets from home won’t fit! You can also buy utensils for cooking and eating if you plan to choose self catering as a meal option.

What are my options for meal plans?

Many students chose the self catering option, as the dorms have facilities for cooking. Although, meal plans can be purchased for on campus dining.

How long does it take to get my visa?

A visa can take between three and five weeks once the CAS is received. There are some private services that can expedite the process at a cost.

How do I apply for my visa?

A CAS is sent to a student once a £3,000 deposit to Chester is received. This deposit can be paid through student loans once they are approved. Chester can aid you in this process.

Does Chester use FAFSA?

Yes, Chester uses FAFSA. The University of Chester’s school code is: 041709

Where can I find information about financial aid?

Please see this link for information about financial aid at The University of Chester: Financial Aid.

What about Health insurance?

As a student with the right to live and study in the UK, you will be entitled to use the National Health Service with an average supplemental charge of £400 per year.

Am I allowed to work while I study?

Yes, students can work either on campus or off campus for 20 hours per week under their visa. During the summer students can work a total of 40 hours per week either on or off-campus.

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

Presently, Chester uses the SAT and ACT as part of their admission decision. However, they look holistically at an application, taking into consideration transcripts, AP classes and AP scores.

Do AP classes count as part of the academic admittance process?

Yes, AP classes count but need to be related to the degree course you are seeking.

What airport should I arrive at?

Students should arrive into Manchester Airport.

How do I get to my accommodation after I land?

There is a university service for pickup and transportation to campus: Transportation options on arrival in the UK. Uber and Taxis are options from the airport to campus and take about 40 minutes depending on traffic. Train service is excellent and can be taken directly from Manchester Airport to Chester’s city centre. At UDA orientation, we help students and families coordinate arrival information for their first year: Transportation options on arrival in the UK.

When can I arrive in the UK prior to the start of classes?

First Year students presently cannot arrive into the UK until two weeks prior to the start of classes. Second and third year students are free to come and go as they please.

Can I travel back to my home country during scheduled breaks?

Yes, students can return home as they wish for scheduled breaks.

Can I stay on campus after the end of the year?

Students can stay and work in the UK over the summer but dorms close and private housing would be needed.

University of Chester FAQ

How do I start an academic application?

Applications need to link to the AIMS portal to create an online application portal. It is important that you contact Brian Haley at for help with this process. Link to create a online portal for application: Online Application through AIMS.

What should I include in my academic application?

Application will need the following to be complete: A minimum of 500 words personal statement outlining the reasons why you are choosing your academic degree (UDA can help review this personal essay). A copy of your latest transcripts. A copy of any test scores, ACT or SAT. A copy of your VALID passport. Reference from a teacher, school counselor, professor, on headed and signed school note paper. All documentation should be uploaded and submitted into the AIMS portal. UDA will help every step of the way - contact if help is needed.

How long does it take to know if I get accepted at the University of Chester?

Once your application has been completed and submitted you will generally get notification of a decision within 10 to 21 days.

Do you accept transfer students?

Yes, transfer students are accepted into Chester and into the UDA soccer program.

Do you offer scholarships?

The University of Chester offers International academic scholarships from £1,000 to £3,000 depending on transcripts, grades and test scores. UDA soccer does not normally offer soccer scholarships.

What can I study at the UDA Academy at Chester?

Please see this link for a selection of undergraduate courses; there are over 300 degree courses to choose from: Undergraduate Course choices. For Graduate courses please see this link: Graduate Courses.

Can I change my major if I don’t like it?

As your visa and status in the UK is tied to your degree course, students cannot change their course once accepted into the degree program. Therefore, it is important that students understand the need to be sure of the degree program they seek. As the degree does not require a General Education requirement, as do U.S. universities, the degree programs are focused and intentional for a professional career.

What if I don't qualify for my three year degree program of choice?

If students don't qualify for the three degree program you can apply for a foundation course at Chester as a lead into the degree you are seeking.

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