Recruitment Underway for the UDA - IASA Soccer Academy, Chester England

Director of Recruitment, Coach Seamus Reilly has been pleased with the first initial response from prospects all over the country for the UDA- IASA soccer program.

Reilly has been inundated with requests about the academy program. Coach Reilly stated, “So far we have had over 132 soccer bio’s completed from prospects for the 2018 class – we had several students already complete the academic application too for enrolment in the fall of 2018.”


Reilly stated, further, “ Registration for the first UDA –IASA soccer recruitment event is trending strong even though we are still over seven weeks away from our first recruitment event in Nashville, TN. We have students flying in from as far away as Virginia, Seattle and California for this specific event. This shows the quality and opportunity of what UDA- IASA soccer has to offer.”

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Reilly also stated, “We also have students visiting the Chester campus and meeting staff as they look closely at the value and opportunity we have to offer. We are looking to make the campus visit and trip part of our recruitment calendar every year as well as developing a summer experience tour for prospects."

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Reilly, concluded, “I have been in the collegiate game for close to 20 years and what is proving attractive is not just the top class quality of our UEFA “A” licensed coaching staff for every student, from top to bottom, but the academic quality of the staff we have put together. We have students seeking placement with us who are interested in the humanities, arts and the sciences. A truly academically diverse group who being immersed into true university culture with other students at multiple levels is proving attractive."

Coach Reilly visited Chester FC meeting the CEO of the club in August to lay out the groundwork for the program. Reilly also met the IASA coaching director and program director and toured the facilities at Chester FC.

Are you interested in continuing your education and playing with a Pro Academy in the UK? Click here to learn about our "Pathways to the IASA program" Or contact Coach Seamus ( to see if the program is right for you!

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