Face To Face - with Cody Rowe

Cody Rowe from Toledo Ohio, Toledo Crew Academy

Why UDA- Soccer?

The reason I chose UDA-Soccer is because the program really intrigued me. The fact that the season is lengthened to nine months versus a three-month season is something I wanted to be a part of. I would also like to receive both my Bachelor and Post-graduate degree in only four years. Also UDA is a new program. I think it would be good to be part of the early stages of the program in order to help it excel.

(Academically qualified students can undertake an accredited degree that is three year as opposed to the normal four year degree route; thus leading to a masters in four years where US degree take four years at the undergraduate level. A huge economic value when you consider you are not still in university in the fourth year but earning money and not paying Univ. fees)

What do you hope to achieve on this journey?

During my time, I want to reach my maximum potential as a soccer player while getting my degree. I am also excited to study internationally and adapt to a new culture.

(UDA seeks academically qualified students to form part of a cohort to play as a group, even thought they may study a variety of degree programs – this is what makes it unique with no other academy program offering this opportunity – the focus is on the total student experience across all platforms- social, cultural, academic and of course on the soccer field and beyond)

What are you looking forward to the most?

I am looking most forward to playing under new coaches and playing with new players. I have been with the same coaches and players since I’ve been about 13 and am looking forward to a change.

(Every UDA Soccer coach will have a UEFA License for ALL students not just some- -the other differentiating factor is they will academic diplomas in addition to their top coaching license- they are not only smart but qualified to coach at this level)

Tell us a little about your soccer highlights as a player.

Some of my highlights are I have been a three year MVP for my school, I also got player of the year for my league, I was the second top goal scorer for three years in a row, and I also broke the m

Most goals in a high school career which was previously in the 50s and I scored 63.

What does your family think about this opportunity?

My parents are excited for me, but just as any other parent, they are sad that I will be so far away. Their biggest issue is communication and how the time change will make it a lot more difficult. The opportunity was something I wanted, so they have supported me through it.

(UDA soccer ensures that their liaison officer in the academy will coordinate with the University of Chester excellent student service support system to make this transition as easy as possible, plus there is free wifi in the single en-suite dorms!)

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