Face to Face with Ezra Heath, Crofton Md

Ezra attended the Nashville recruiting event Nov.17-19

UDA: How was the Nashville recruiting event?

Ezra: The Nashville event/tryout was very productive and extremely well run as the coaches had intense training sessions and heart healthy meals to build our body's back up. The interaction and feedback was very positive but honest, and there was great competition between the other players and myself. The presentation gave me a great taste of what the University of Chester will be like and what is expected of me as a student athlete.

UDA: Why UDA Soccer?

Ezra: The UDA Soccer program shows high levels of professionalism and I feel like it is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about the game. Soccer isn't just a physical game solely about scoring goals. It is a mental battle almost like a chess match and that is the next part of my game that I feel that need to improve. The coaching staff are highly experienced and possess high IQ's of the game and I am excited to learn from them in a professional training environment. I have always been about pushing myself and learning more and more everyday not just in soccer but also through academics.

UDA: Why the University of Chester?

Ezra: The University of Chester will lead me in the right direction to gain knowledge in my field of study and achieve my bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management. They have an outstanding Business and Marketing Department and I feel as though the professors will push me to be the best student that I can be along with the other students around me. I also expect that the University of Chester will teach me life skills in communication, organization and people skills. I hope to complete my bachelors in Marketing Management in 3 years and also potentially sign a contract to play professional soccer. I will strive to achieve excellent grades in my 3 years at the University and hope to surround myself with lifetime friends. I am confident that the University of Chester will help me accomplish these goals as their staff has jumped right on track with helping me through my whole process of becoming an international student/athlete.

UDA: What are some of your goals going forward?

Ezra: My end goal is to attain my maximum potential as both student and player. I want to learn the difference between being reactive and proactive, not only having vision on the field, but for my future career as well. I want to establish and manage my priorities in the right order, while gaining the ability to give and receive constructive criticism. I want to be creative in my goal setting while understanding the difference between attainable and not. I also want be able to establish a strategy about real life situations and learn how to be effective in life, rather than ineffective. I am confident that the University of Chester and UDA Soccer will provide the pathway to meet my goals but I also understand it is up to me to do my part and decide who I will be.

Ezra’s quote: "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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