Dallas Recruitment Event has Record Turnout!

UDA’s soccer recruitment event in Dallas was the best-attended UDA soccer recruitment event of the year. Students from Canada, California to the West, Minnesota to the North and North Carolina in the East as well as all points in between were present. A total of 26 students attended the three day event.

In line with UDA’s student centered philosophy: Coach Reilly, begins the process of creating a “community of student athletes” at the event.

MoneyGram Soccer Park hosted the event and good weather prevailed for the weekend where prospects, from the 2018 and 2019 class worked with UDA soccer Staff from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime.

UDA soccer was pleased to welcome coach and director of the Texas Spurs Football Club, Eddie Puskarich. Eddie helped with the evaluation of prospects and coaching sessions with UDA soccer director, Coach Seamus Reilly.

Coaching sessions involved technical, functional, small sided and a 11 v 11 game.

Two and half days of intense coaching allowed staff to get to know all aspects of students’ abilities and character. Coach Reilly stated, "the turn out of 26 students allowed us to have a inter-squad scrimmage of the entire prospect pool". Reilly stated, “In the past we had to bring a team in to play but with the record turn out we could play inter-squad so as to give all prospects equal time on the field and get to know them well.”

Reilly stated further, “While we like to keep the events limited to anywhere between 18 and 20, the demands for UDA soccer program has proved so successful we took in the extra prospects and it worked well for the game on Sunday morning.

Informational Sessions included, the program’s mission, coaching philosophy, academic choices, entrance requirements and UDA’s commitment to total student experience.

Dallas represented the last of this year’s 2018 recruitment cycle. Events have been held in Nashville, TN (Nov), Phoenix, AZ (Dec) Lakewood Ranch, FL (January) and Dallas, TX (March).

The first of the 2019 cycle will begin be June 8th to 10th at the Ohio State University campus.

Coach Reilly stated,”We've had close to 90 prospects, predominately for the 2018 class, show up across the four recruitment events. As we are limited in our incoming squad we now have over 75% of our incoming class committed. We are expecting the full cohort of our 2018 class to be completed within the next two months". Reilly stated further, “We have a nice balance to the incoming group and some excellent talent. We are very excited to get started.”

Reilly concluded, “While the UDA soccer staff stateside have been busy with completing the 2018 cycle for recruitment, Coach Joel Roberts in Chester has hosted several families this past few weeks – giving them a taste of the unique program that integrates the student into a full student experience".

UDA recruitment events across the calendar allow prospects to find a location that is accessible to them from all regions of the USA.

UDA Recruitment Calendar for 2019 Intake:

  • Columbus, Ohio, June 8 - 10, 2018 at the Ohio State University

  • Nashville Tennessee, November 16 - 18, 2018 at Travecca University

  • Phoenix Arizona, December 14 -16, 2018 at Rose Mofford Soccer Complex

  • Lakewood Ranch Florida, January 1 - 3, 2019 at Lakewood Ranch Soccer Complex

  • Dallas Texas, March 8 - 10, 2019 at MoneyGram Soccer Complex

Students interested in the UDA Soccer Academy are advised to register early via the web site in order to make sure they are able to participate and eligible for a 2019 entrance into the program.

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