The Life of Student DJ Jennings

We interviewed DJ Jennings from South Carolina to get a glimpse into student life at the University of Chester. DJ arrived into the program last September.

What Are You Studying?

“I am studying Criminology combined with Spanish. Criminology is a challenging course yet I find it the most beneficial. We cover topics such as policing, law and courts, youth justice system and victims. In Spanish we focus on the structure and basics of the language, we limit the use if English in the course and study places like Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid as well as the culture and customs of Spanish life.”

DJ In His Room Working On His Next Academic Assignment

How Are The Professors?

“ I find the professors very straight forward - we have interactive lectures in class, we use debates, we a walk around to other groups in the lecture to discuss the reading and take notes to get feedback and questions; it is a good way to make sure we understand the material. I can visit the professors office hours and they are always willing to help us with our assignments.”

How Does It Compare Your Classes In USA?

“In the US we never had as much interaction - we did ask questions but we never had the chance to give feedback and generate knowledge with each other. The biggest challenge I have found is the writing - the expectation of an essay assignment is 2,000 words with at least 10 scholastic resources. There is an expectation to deliver high quality work which I like. The professors have been very helpful in helping meet expectations, setting up meetings in their office to discuss the requirements. I feel well supported.”

DJ Celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner With His UDA Family

How is Life at Chester?

Coming from South Carolina the weather can be as unpredictable as Chester’s - it can shine with sun, hail, rain and be windy all within a day! The dorm life is what you would expect in any college campus - the week is dedicated to study but on the weekend can be a little like “college life’ The RA’s are nice and help you get settled; we have monthly housekeeping that keeps your room tidy and clean and we do get the rooms inspected.”

What Do You Do In Your Free Time?

I usually hang out with my teammates. Chester has a lot of fun places to visit and go to, Manchester and Liverpool is just a train ride away and there are lots of things to see and do in these cities; besides the famous football clubs. My experience so far have been great. I have thought about residing in England after my graduation from the University, the culture is so lively, the soccer atmosphere is unmatched and it is an awesome place to be”.

DJ Warming Up Prior To A Training Session

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