10 Reasons to Choose The University of Chester

Why Chester? Some may think it is about graduation in a 12th-century cathedral or living and studying inside a Roman and Medieval city that makes the why, but in reality, it is with the quality of what Chester offers within its academic degree programs.

So really, why Chester? It is because the University of Chester offers authentic engagement with real-world learning that connects your course work to your future career. Chester gets you connected to the core content in meaningful and deep ways. It about the value of the degree experience. All in a three-year undergraduate degree program or one-year graduate degree.

Learning is not about sitting in lectures, it is about engagement in real-world issues and problems around your course of study. The University of Chester's degree courses do just that. Do not just read about marketing, do marketing, don't read about being a historian live it, don't just read about science, act like a scientist. The University of Chester's work-based learning is renowned for helping students move from the academic world into career paths with the authentic knowledge that make an impact on graduation.

Want more reasons to choose the University of Chester? Check out this video from a UDA Recruitment Event.

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