UDA Announces Dream Maker Program™

May 29, 2020

Why The UDA Dream Maker Program?
Part of UDA’s vision is to provide a pathway to a successful and productive career that enhances the lives of people. We believe the Dream Maker Program is one way to reach this vision.



Just as we know that talent in sports is crucial for success; “people” talent in companies is critical for their success. Companies win with the right people on board and employees win when they have a career that fits their skills and talents. 



The two synergies work together to create a productive and fulfilling life for the company and the employee. 


What Is The Dream Maker Program And How Does It Work?

The Dream Maker Program puts people at its core. Its foundation is the cultivation of purposeful relationships that last a lifetime, within the UDA family, across our students, families, alumni, and selected companies. 


We connect students early in their university experience to prospective employers seeking talented people through the development of a professional portfolio. 




Students will begin to build a portfolio at the start of their enrollment into the UDA family. UDA will provide guidance on how to craft an effective portfolio as students develop, search, connect, and build a relationship with prospective employers prior to graduation.


UDA will reach out to companies who are selected to be part of the Dream Maker Program and match the degree qualifications, skills, and knowledge of our students. Companies are selected for their values, mission, and the culture of their organization. There are no costs to students or prospective companies. 


The Dream Maker program will create a lifetime of connections through the UDA alumni network and partner companies. 


Application to the Dream Maker Program will be open prior to the start of the academic year for UDA students and prospective companies.




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